ADAC GT: Inside the 2012 Corvette Z06R GT3

ls9 engine


Downsizing is a current trend in the automotive industry, even in GT sports car, but in another dimension. One of the giants in the displacement field, the Corvette GT3 Z06.R by Callaway Competition has chosen to reduce the size of its engine for the 2012 season. It has replaced its 7-liter V8 engine with a smaller 6.2 liter displacement V8 engine in the "League The super sports car ". The smaller V8 engine was under the hood of the Corvette that Diego Alessi and Daniel Keilwitz drove to victory at Zandvoort for their first win of the season. This enabled the duo to take over the 2012 ADAC GT Master championship lead. This same car, will be piloted this weekend at the Nürburgring 24 Hours by Tommy Milner, Richard Westbrook, Jan Magnussen, and Daniel Keilwitz.

The smaller engine in the Corvette is only one of many new details that have been incorporated into the revised Corvette. The Callaway team headed by Ernst Wöhr and Giovanni Ciccone optimized the strengths and reduced the weakness of the U.S. athlete during the winter. They did not seek a higher power output during this process says Wöhr. "First and foremost, we decided to replace the original LS7 with a new smaller LS9 engine for cost savings and to extend the maintenance intervals.  Our previous seven-liter engine was very fragile and our drivers had to be very careful to not over extend them. Each engine overhaul needed to have many of its parts. The new engine is more robust. We expect 30% lower costs for each overhaul and a 30% longer service intervals. "


ls9 engine


APP Racing engines have built the Callaway Competition engines since 2005. Aart Andriessen and his 'Engine Wizards' are located near Amsterdam. "The new engine, called LS9, is based on the engine that is installed in the production ZR1. This is currently the most powerful production Corvette," said the Dutchman Andriessen, who has dedicated many years to the construction of high-performance Chevrolet engines. "The ZR1 has the standard 647 hp engine and equipped with a compressor. We do not need the compressor for the GT3 Corvette, because even without the supercharger, the power it delivers is perfect." Based on the standard ZR1 engine block and cylinder heads, Andriessen builds each engine with many parts imported from the USA. "When we developed the GT3 Corvette in 2005, our former partner Toine Hezemans brought Aart and his expertise into the team," recalls Wöhr. It was the beginning of the successful partnership. Our first win with the new engine in the ADAC GT Masters was very important as it matched the Netherlands birthplace of the engine at Zandvoort.

In addition to lower cost of the new 6.2-liter V8 also offers other advantages. "We will, of course, because of its reduced capacity and slightly less torque and power will cause us to lose some speed. However our performance already slowed by mandated air restrictors," says Wöhr. "Therefore, the new engine provides us with a broad torque band and much improved driveability for the drivers. The engine requires a lower RPM and it consumes less fuel." This is our first victory for Corvette in ADAC since 2009. We won our last championship in 2010 when we secured the FIA ​​GT Drivers Championship. Wöhr hopes his pilots will have and opportunity to repeat this accomplishment in 2012. "I hope that we have more happiness this year with our strong driver pairings this season."






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