Dubai 24: V8 Racing Preview



This weekend sees the official start of the 2014 motorsport season for Corvette, at the 9th annual Dubai 24 Hours. Fresh off the heels of a successful season in the European GT Open series, the Dutch team have entered their Pratt & Miller built C6R in the A6 category.

Driving for the team at this race is Wolf Nathan, Nicky Pastorelli, Danny Werkman, and team owner Rick Abresch. As always the atmosphere during this race is unique and special for motorsport enthusiasts. As always traffic will be challenging for the drivers, with a starting field of over 80 cars.


Team Quotes:

Rick Abresch:

"I'm looking forward to racing with the Corvette again this weekend in Dubai. After the last GT Open race in Barcelona I've had some time to rest from the busy season. I was able to enjoy a relaxing holiday season with my family, which was very nice. I can't wait to be back in the car for the race and both myself as well as our team will do our very best to score a good result for both Corvette and ourselves. Our main goal still remains to finish the race, so if we can achieve that I'm a happy man."

Danny Werkman:

"I have been very anxious to finally get back into the Corvette again! These winter months where we don't race are always very long for me. The most important thing for us will be to finish the race, but I'll push hard to have a good result."

Nicky Pastorelli:

"Its very good to be back with V8 Racing again in 2014, and my first race with them in Dubai. We have done a lot of work after the last GT Open race in Barcelona. Our last race was just one month before our deadline to ship over all our equipment to Dubai. So the team needed all the time that we could get, in order to best prepare for this weekend. I am really look forward to sharing the car with my teammates. They learned a lot in the last GT Open season and they will do a good job. Our main goal and focus for this weekend will definitely be finishing this race. We will be racing GT1 chassis 005, which has seen only minor changes made to fit the technical regualtions."

"Fortunately I know the car very well now, after a full season in GT Open. The track however, is new for me so i'll have to learn it quick. Our main goal for this weekend is for sure to finish the race. As for the teams immediate plans for 2014, nothing has been decided yet at this point. With that said though, the chances are very good that you might see us continuing to compete in the GT Open series again. Both myself and the team had a great learning season and are now ready to do even better. As for myself, I am aiming to return to the drivers seat again. Being involved in the team management is very nice, but i'll always remain a driver and wouldn't want to miss racing."

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